The volunteers in Puerto Rico to support our work during the Holidays- December 2017




Aguadilla Puerto Rico /Back to School Campaign

Dear BMC:

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Thank you for the amazing back packs! At the Student Asociation of Psychological Family Counseling, we want to reach the corners of our community in most need. With that in mind we are gonna use the back packs you sent us in a back to school campaign, in a low income neighborhood. In the next few weeks we will be gathering school supplies to fill up the bags to be handed out to a selected group of children. Puerto Rico is facing a massive public school shut down due to government cuts. Many families are economically struggling with the new accommodations necessary to provide their children with all that is needed for school, such as supplies, transportation and uniforms (wich are the most expensive). We thank you for all the help and support you have provided us over the last months. It is extremely important for us to meet these families in their effort to bring up their children in any developmental stage.

Phase 2 -

Materials arrived and the team were excited to put the backpacks together for distribution ...

Mission accomplished!!! Thanks to everyone who made this possible!!! Already helping with inventory or cooperating with association donating materials! A very special hug to the Boston Mother care group who has been supporting us in our initiatives in recent months. Thanks to Sam's club de mayagüez who joined our efforts to impact communities of scarce resources. Stay in tune for the delivery of materials!!

Sincerely Deborah Sepulveda

Boston Mothers Care is proud to announce our first project in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico 2018

Alimentando Nuestros Chiquitines

Nurturing Our Little Ones

The Boston Mothers Care PR fund will support a graduate student run project (all student volunteers) working on their clinical Psychology degree at La Inter Americana Universidad in Aguadilla, PR. The students will:

1) Assess & provide families with children under 6 years with diapers, baby formula, and other essentials.

2) Provide supplies to an orphanage with 30 children.

3) An additional small stipend was allocated to support the graduate students with their travel costs.

Thank You!



Boston Mothers Care partners with local residence, schools, Universities, clinics, local organizations, businesses and churches to bring relief to the families in Puerto Rico.  We collected over 40 tons of water, foods, toiletries, diapers, medicines, and many other items.

Boston Mothers Care Appreciation Luncheon for Puerto Rico

You are invited to Boston Mothers Care

Appreciation Brunch for Puerto Rico’s Relief Effort

This Sunday, February 11th, 2018

12:00pm -2:00pm

St. Stephens Episcopal Church, 419 Shawmut Avenue.

The presentation on our PR Relief Efforts and December 2017 trip will begin promptly at 12:30pm. There will also be an announcement on the initiatives we will be supporting for the next 3 years.

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On February 11th, 2018, we honored Father Tim Crellin, Pastor Henry Monroig, and few other partners for their support thru the Puerto Rico Relief projects.  We thank everyone that donated, volunteer, collecting and praying for us thru this journey.