Boston Mothers Care visitED Nairobi, Kenya August 2018

This year, three of the members of Boston Mothers Care went to Kenya to visit a group of women organization called, Wezesha dada Kanuku (means Sister Empowerment of  Kanuku).

The women live in a slum area, they have been refuge in the area because of abuse by their partners and other life circumstances.  The women organized and work together to support themselves and their children.

About 30 of them met with BMC members and they shared their stories about how they fled the areas and how things are going for them now.  The organization, Wezesha dada Kanuku has been a great support for them to help survive the life of abuse and given them confidence to sustain themselves. 

Some of them create their own business and share with the women that don't work and continue doing the same thing until everyone has something to share.  Because of this strategy, they purchased a piece of land to grow 200 hundred mango trees and build homes in order to be out the slump.

 BMC donated two bags of clothes and $200 dollars to cover the mango trees for the land. The ladies were very happy and blessed to received the support from Boston Mothers Care. 

BMC members are looking forward to see the land and continue working with the Wezesha dada Kanuku organization in the future.